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As you have already seen, in previous blogs, I love being creative and coming up with new and exciting gift basket designs.  Many times, my ideas are derived from requests from loyal customers.  Cookie bouquets were one such addition.  Cookie bouquets have been available in the USA for a long time with franchises in almost every state.  However, they do not ship to Canada.  After several requests to offer these scrumptious morsels, I began seriously looking into developing a cookie bouquet line for Boodles of Baskets.  I began taste testing cookie varieties, examining product quality, and the ability to ship completed bouquets securely.  Once I was completely satisfied that I had found the BEST cookies and that we could deliver them in PERFECT condition, we were ready to begin.  So, in 2005, we began by offering a few varieties of our delicious hand decorated sugar cookies. Boy, were our customers ready!  Things have proceeded so well, that we have been able to continually expand our offerings, including seasonal designs for Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas.  I am proud to say that we were the first gift basket company to offer cookie bouquets in Canada.