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Gift Basket Website

I recently re-designed our entire website.  Our last website was built in 2002 and I wanted a more modern look.  More importantly though, over time, there were certain things that came up time and time again which I wanted to address.  One of these things was NSR (no signature required).  Sometimes, because we are all working families, our gifts would be returned to us because no one was home to receive the gift, even though several attempts were made.  Our shipper requires a signature for all packages.  This is a great thing, but can be a hindrance when you are trying to deliver a gift and there are no alternative addresses to deliver to.  We had information on our shipping page regarding NSR, but not everyone reads the shipping page, so when I redesigned this website, I included an NSR check box, right on the order page, with an explanation about how it works right beside it.  Having this NSR option, might not seem like a huge thing, but we want to make our customers shopping experience a comfortable, transparent experience, so they will know all of their options with the click of a button and offering this option in this manner does just that.