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FREE DELIVERY in Canada, $12.50 to USA*(min $100)

Over the years, we had received calls from potential customers asking if we offered fresh baked cookies.  This gift option had been available in the USA for several years, but not for delivery within Canada.  Always open to new challenges and suggestions, we, here at Boodles of Baskets, decided to look into this market.  We began by asking our customers if they would be interested in having this gift giving option.  Since they are are business, we feel it is very important to get our customers feedback on the numerous concepts we have sitting on the back burner waiting to ignite before proceeding.  The response for fresh baked cookies was a resounding YES!  So we began deciding which recipes and flavours to offer, how were we going to deliver and ship them so that they arrived in the same great shape as when we baked them, etc, etc.  Since their introduction several years ago, we can proudly say our cookies have been delivered to just about every city, town and village in Canada!   

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