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It always surprises me how quickly Easter and spring sneak up on us.  One day the wind is howling, snow is blowing and it is cold, cold, cold, then, almost overnight, the wind changes, it carries a hint of warmth, the snow begins to melt and the crocus start popping out of the ground right before our eyes.   A quick glance at the calender shows that March has flown by in the blink of an eye and April and Easter are right around the corner.

This year Easter is on April 4th.  We have  introduced a new line of Easter gift basket designs that we hope you’ll love.  We are offering a little bit of everything this year.  Our Easter by Lindt basket is filled with gourmet Lindt chocolates, including Lindt dark chocolate, milk chocolate and truffles and is a perfect family gift for Easter.  Our Bunnies, Bunnies Everywhere basket also includes a nice selection of Lindt chocolates and also makes a great basket for a family or individual.  We’ve designed an Easter gift basket for Girls and an boy’s Easter gift basket called Bunny Blush and Bunny Tails (these have been very popular as they have both chocolates and activity items.)  We called our last gift basket Easter Hunt.  It contains not only delicious Lindt chocolates, but other sweet and savoury snacks that make it a perfect gift for someone who enjoys some chocolate, but isn’t interested in eating it continually for the next few months!

When you visit our site, you will see that most of our Easter gift baskets  and Easter Gifts contain premium, top of the line chocolates and products.  Although these items are more costly than the store bought jumbo chocolate bunnies, we believe that our customers appreciate the quality and taste that only top chocolatiers can offer and that they have come to expect that Boodles of Baskets is synonomous with this quality and taste.  We hope you feel the same, we know the customers who receive our baskets do!

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