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Cookies Cookies Cookies and More

Cookies Cookies Cookies and More

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Boodles of Cookies has been sending our fresh baked cookies throughout Canada for years.

Our loyal customers love sending our delicious cookies for birthdays, get well, thinking of you and for so much more.

And can you blame them?

With 6 yummy flavors to choose from you’ll never send the same gift twice!
Boodles of Cookies  also make a great corporate gift at Christmas or to acknowledge an accomplishment, promotion or goal met.

There is simply nothing better than biting into a delicious chocolate chunk, double chocolate, oatmeal, peanut butter, white chocolate macadamia nut or shortbread cookie with a big glass of milk!  Sounds great just thinking about it doesn’t it?

You know, sending flowers might be a nice thought, but lets face it, you can’t eat flowers!

Just imagine with me for a moment. You receive a standard shipping box (nothing special right?), but then you slide a knife through the tape holding the box together and inside you find a beautiful tin, carefully hand tied with chiffon ribbon.

You excitedly untie the bows, open the lid, and there before you are a delicious assortment of cookies so fresh, you can smell the deliciousness of them and, are you hallucinating, or do they still feel warm?

Choices, choices, choices, which cookie should you try first?

They’d be awesome with a glass of milk, but you can’t resist them long enough to even make it to the fridge. Go ahead choose one…bite into it, we dare you not to smile as the mouthwatering goodness fills your mouth with happiness! Now take a minute to get that glass of milk (just grab the tin of cookies in your other hand and carry it with you, we won’t judge). No matter what your day was like, before, it doesn’t matter, because now you have COOKIES!

Now picture your loved one, co-worker, associate or customer receiving our cookies….can you see it?….they’ll be so happy….smiling and thinking of how wonderful YOU were to think of sending them such a delicious treat!

Its just so hard to stay modest when your customers are telling you that your cookies are the BEST they’ve ever had…but we try :).

Take a moment and give us a shot. We guarantee, you won’t be disappointed!

Delicious cookies…..Fast online ordering….delivery within 1-4 business days…what’s there to think about?