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Chocolate Gift Baskets + Summertime= Disaster

Many times we’re asked why we do not offer chocolate gift baskets or chocolate items in our gift baskets throughout the summer. The reasons are varied, but mostly have to do with the outside temperatures, and the unpleasantness of unwrapping a melted chocolate mess. Don’t get me wrong, I can eat chocolate day or night, hot or cold, spring, summer, fall or winter, but even I am turned off by a puddle of melted chocolate clinging to a wrapper.

Because we ship our gift baskets across Canada and the USA, we must ensure that the temperatures are favorable for our chocolate gift baskets to arrive in good condition. Once the temperatures reach around 78 degrees plus, we just can’t risk it, even if we do ice pack the basket. It simply isn’t worth the risk of disappointing our customer.

How do we solve this dilemna? By bringing in temperature stable products which ship great in hot weather and substituting them for all the chocolatey, melty, messy items. This way we can be confident that the gift you send will be a gift you can be proud of!