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Chocolate Gift Baskets Canada 2009

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The summer of 2009 (well at least until the beginning of August), could be nicknamed the summer that never was.  There were both positives and negatives in regards to this.  We were able to safely continue shipping our delicious chocolate gift baskets without concern that they would melt!  We saved on ice packs that we generally insert in any baskets that contain chocolate when the temperatures begin to rise!  But seriously, it is sooo frustrating to still be in long pants in July!  We anticipate, hot, humid and sticky-we got rainy, wet, damp and downright chilly!

Finally, though, August has redeemed the summer season and we most definitely are getting the expected hot and humid temperatures that we have all come to love (me) and hate (others) 🙂 !  Although we are unable to ship our chocolate gift baskets in this weather we do have many other delicious treats that can ship safely regardless of temperatures.  So I will smile and savour this somewhat shortened summer and know that soon, the cooler temperatures will return and allow us to ship chocolate baskets safely once again.