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5 Best Father’s Day Gifts 2022

Shopping for Dad isn’t always easy. Generally, you’ll want to find a Father’s Day gift that hits all of the bullet points:

  • It’s something he’ll use
  • It’s a Father’s Day gift related to his passions or interests
  • It’s at least somewhat sentimental


But finding a Father’s Day gift that covers all of these aspects at once can be challenging. Luckily for you, that’s where Boodles of Baskets steps in!

We offer gift baskets that he’ll love. Whether he’s the outdoorsy Dad, the handy Dad, or any type of Dad in between, these baskets are the perfect way to show how much you care!

And don’t forget, there are many types of Dads out there, and they’re all your father. You can get gifts for anyone from your grandfather to your nephew to your friend who just became a new dad!

The Self-Care Basket

Most of our gift basket selection is food-focused, but not every Dad wants to indulge in sweet treats because their diet is designed to avoid sugar. For those men, we have the “Saying No to Sugar” basket!

Big on taste but low on sugar, this basket is packed with crackers, cheeses, nuts and sugar-free chocolates and caramels. For the gentlemen that loves being a Dad but doesn’t want a Dad-bod, this basket is sure to be a winner!

The Grill Master Basket

Because many Dads are the grill master of their family, Boodles of Baskets offers two Father’ Day gift baskets to choose from:


BBQ Bonanza has all the fixings for a tasty cookout, including pulled pork, grilled vegetables, poutine, a bottle of gourmet barbeque sauce, cheddar bacon dip, as well some sweet goodies for desserts. Dad can enjoy the great outdoors with a burger and an ice-cold beer, or share quality time with the whole family as everyone makes Smores and chocolate milkshakes using ingredients from our gift basket.


Treat Dad to the taste of summer! The Men’s BBQ and Snacks has just what he craves:

  • McSweeney Beef Jerky
  • Mediterranean olives
  • Chorizo salami
  • Hearty garlic burger seasoning
  • BBQ garlic dip mix
  • French fry seasoning mix
  • Brownie Brittle, and more!


This gift basket will pair nicely with a day of fun, such as hiking, throwing the frisbee around, or just taking it easy.

The “Me Time” Gift Basket

Sometimes, the best Father’s Day gift idea is letting dear ole Dad have the day to himself. Maybe might like to unwind by heading to the golf course or, if he has a green thumb, he’ll spend the day landscaping.

To remind Dad of how much he’s appreciated, give him the Busy Man’s gift basket. It’s full of treats Dads love, including: a can of Molson Canadian, butter pretzels, Pringles BBQ chips, Blue Diamond almonds, mixed fruit candies, and more!

For the Best Dad Ever

Appropriately named, the “Best Dad Ever” basket is something you should get your pops if he comes out on top of your list of best people in the world. Complete with delicious snacks and manly scents, this box has everything.

Contents include some wonderful body wash, Brompton and Langley post-shave lotion, pistachios and almonds, pita chips, pretzels, a Mars bar and Combos snack mix. If you’ve got a hard-working dad, making this Father’s Day even more special with this gift basket for the Best Dad Ever.


Note: Depending on the gift basket you choose, we offer the choice of adding several accessories, such as:

  • A 9-inch balloon
  • A cocktail kit
  • Custom-imprinted ribbon


Each gift basket can be sent to a residential or commercial address, so you can surprise Dad at home or at work!.


Get the Perfect Father’s Day Gift Today

The best Father’s Day gift is one that is filled with love and appreciation for your Pop. No matter the father figure you celebrate or whether you live nearby, Dad will love the gifts, phone calls, and activities you plan for Father’s Day.


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