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Yes, we actually do have a basket that is designed just for kids.  That’s right, you heard that correctly.  This for Kids Only gift basket is really only for kids.   In this kids gift basket you will find lots of yummy treats, that they are sure to enjoy! We love creating kids baskets and candy bouquets designed just for them. We would never use a “grown up” basket for kids, its just not what they like!

Our colorful crayon gift box makes a great base for any kids gift basket or candy bouquet. We fill this one with caramel popcorn, Razzles, Nerds, Sugar Babies, Gobstoppers, Dots, Laffy Taffy and a tin of Pringles potato chips.  Yummy!

This gift basket is the perfect gift to send to that kid that is having a birthday, a get well, a gift for doing good in school, for Easter or just because you love your kids.  You may also send this gift basket to your niece (s) or nephew(s) to show them you care.

At Boodles of Baskets we make sure there is a perfect gift for everyone that’s why we are always coming up with new ideas so check back often.

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