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Food Gift Baskets and Food Gift Ideas

Food Gift Baskets
We are often asked why most of our gift baskets contain food, the short answer is that you never have to worry if our food gift baskets will fit and everyone eats!

But in truth giving food gifts is a universal expression of caring.  Through the centuries people have used food as a way of welcoming, showing appreciation and thanks.  When travelers would arrive, they would be offered nourishment.  Even today, when we have out of town guests, we carefully plan our menus to include favorite items or exclude foods that our guests would not like.

In our food gift baskets we include specialty gourmet items that customers love to eat!  Gone are the days of cheese, stale crackers and questionable meats.  Our gift baskets include rich chocolates, gourmet nuts, melt in your mouth cookies and fudge, delicious gourmet coffees, teas, cocoas.  We have wonderful healthy options, sugar free and of course specialty maple syrups and products.

Our gifts include a range of foods that will be well received whether in a corporate gift basket or a Mother's Day gift basket

We even have specialty food items for children's gift baskets that kids won't be able to resist!  Include our fun retro candy and they'll have to fight off mom and dad!

A majority of our food items are shelf stable with a shelf life anywhere from 3 months to 1 year.  Because we've been doing this a long time and we process many orders each day, we know just how much product to stock to ensure our customers receive fresh product they will love.  One of the nicest compliments we receive from customers ordering our food gift baskets is that they wish someone would send one to them because they look soooo yummy!   

Here are some of our more popular food gift baskets for various occasions.  If at any time you need help with you selections, we are only a phone call away!
Have a bountiful breakfast with this basket filled with delicious morning treats such as blueberry muffins (just add egg, water, oil and bake), lemon poppyseed scones, maple glazed scones (just add water, stir and bake), all ready in minutes!  Enjoy gourmet coffee, flavored tea, assorted cocoas, fruit preserves, and natural honey.
Breakfast Bounty

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home cooking themed gift basket
Sweet Home Cooking

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