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Our Family Easter gift basket is perfect to send to loved ones that you won’t be able to see this Easter. Instead of sending each loved a separate Easter gift basket, this Family Easter gift basket has enough goodies to go around for the whole family to enjoy. The beautiful metal container is one of a kind. It is decorated with a collage of bunnies dancing around a Maypole. It has the feel of an old fashioned Easter celebration.

In the Family Easter gift basket you will find a variety of different sweet treats that everyone can enjoy. We’ve added a large box of butter cookies, a 100g Lindt chocolate bunny wrapped in gold foil, 2 decorative foil wrapped chocolate Easter eggs, a bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans, Skittles candies, pastel mints, Old Dominion butter peanut crunch and a 10″ plush bunny rabbit with striped ears and paws. Everyone wants a bunny for Easter!!!!!!!!

This Family Easter gift basket will truly be a big hit and one that they will remember because the container definitely is not something they will discard, but will become a keepsake for many Easter’s in the future.

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