Boodles of Baskets Boodles of Cookies Boodles of Popcorn Boodles of Fudge
in Canada
$10 to USA

This beautiful 5 tier tower of designer boxes is as rich in color as it is in content. It’s chocolate brown color and the velvety brown trim really is impressive. Stacked one on top of the other , we tie them together with a chocolate brown sheer ribbon and hand tie a bow on top. Each box is filled with something different from Harry London’s delectable milk and dark chocolate Cookie Joys, all natural coffee infused candy, milk and white chocolate drenched pretzels, milk chocolate and vanilla drizzled caramel popcorn and Danish butter cookies . There is definitely enough to share.  Order our Deluxe Warmest Wishes early as they go fast.

Christmas Gift Baskets Deluxe Warmest Wishes

Deluxe Warmest Wishes