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16 Mar | sparpigwin | No Comments

Integrity In the Gift Basket Industry

I started Boodles of Baskets in August of 1995. To this day, I am still passionate about Boodles of Baskets, and this industry, although it has changed a great deal since I started. Some things have changed for the better, others, not so much. For example, when I first started, most other gift basket companies, …

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23 Aug | sparpigwin | No Comments

Gift Basket Delivery Scam

It has come to my attention that there is a new scam out there and I wanted to take a moment to write to our customers to make you aware of the scam and how to avoid it. Gift Basket Delivery Scam – Here’s how it works. 1) You receive a gift basket delivery with …

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13 Mar | sparpigwin | No Comments

New Gift Basket Canada Designs by Boodles of Baskets

We have just added two new Canadian themed gift basket designs on the website.  Both these baskets carry some amazing Canadian product like creamy maple chocolates (can’t you just taste it!) and of course some delicious maple syrup.  Visit and choose our Canadian tab, or simply click on this link: Canada Gift Baskets to be …

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18 Apr | sparpigwin | No Comments

How Stay at Home Mom’s Can Make a Little Extra Cash

When I started this business, 17 years ago, one of my main reasons for starting it, was so that I could be available to my 3 children, at the time, (child #4 arrived in year 2 of the business).  As an Early Childhood Educator, I wanted to be the one raising my children.  So I researched how I …

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24 Feb | sparpigwin | No Comments

A Look inside the business of Gift Baskets

Today, I will be designing my Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day baskets.  Yes, I know that it is February 24th. Yes, I know many of you are moaning and saying “Are you kidding me?”, but for me, this is a great thing.  Those who know me, know I am not a huge fan of winter.  …

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6 Feb | sparpigwin | No Comments

Taking Time To Enjoy Success in Business

The other day, we enjoyed a balmy 50 degree day (Yes, in the middle of winter! that is what made it so special).  I took my dog for a long walk and watched the sheer joy in his step, that the day was such a beautiful one.  He was in no hurry. He was enjoying …

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1 Feb | sparpigwin | No Comments

Running your own business or just plain running!

Recently, I have increased my workout schedule to improve results.  While doing some cardio, I got to thinking how much starting an exercise program is very much like starting a business.  1) You have specific goals in mind for both.  2) You must set up a schedule and maintain that schedule and be willing to go the …

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27 Oct | sparpigwin | No Comments

Sending Christmas Gift Baskets-Is Anyone Home?

In a previous post I talked about the time it takes to send Christmas gift baskets.  After I finished the post, I thought, hmmm…I wonder if anyone has thought about: 1) Many businesses close up the week before Christmas, although with Christmas being on Sunday this year, they might close more towards the middle of …

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26 Oct | sparpigwin | No Comments

Christmas Gift Baskets-Delivery Times

A lot of customers aren’t familiar with the time it takes for Christmas gift baskets to get delivered throughout Canada and the USA, and lets face it, I wouldn’t know either, if we weren’t shipping hundreds of gift baskets  each day during the Christmas season. My daughter like to tease me that I sometimes forget to pick her up …

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4 Mar | sparpigwin | No Comments

How to Be a Good Customer When Purchasing a Gift Basket

This blog touches on a different aspect of purchasing a gift basket. In order to have a pleasant and satisfying experience when ordering a gift basket (or any other product) it is recommended that you first read and educate yourself regarding the following areas: 1) Processing and shipping times and procedures: Gift basket companies do …

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