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Gift Basket Dropshipping

18 May | sparpigwin | No Comments

Burgers, Fries & Milk Shakes Gift Basket

Click Here to see Current Men’s Gift Baskets With the long winter we’ve had (at least it felt like that to us) spring is finally here.  The warm weather means that BBQ season is here.  Spoil that someone with a Burgers, Fries & Milk shakes gift basket. Inside you will find some delicious seasoning and …

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14 Mar | sparpigwin | No Comments

Sweet Bunny-Boy Gift Basket

  To View Our Current Easter Gifts, Click Here With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to order your Easter gift baskets before they’re all sold out.  Our Sweet Bunny-Boy Gift Basket is for a special girl and is just simply adorable. We use a fabric bag and fill it with yummy candies like Jolly Ranchers, …

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12 Mar | sparpigwin | No Comments

Bunnies, Bunnies Everywhere Gift Basket

Click Here to See Our Current Easter Gift Baskets Bunnies, Bunnies Everywhere Gift Basket is perfect to send to loved ones that you won’t be able to see this Easter. Instead of sending each loved one a separate Easter gift basket, Bunnies, Bunnies Everywhere Gift Basket has enough goodies to go around for the whole family …

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24 Nov | sparpigwin | No Comments

Santa’s Bounty Gift Basket

Christmas is only 1 month away and it’s time to order your holiday gifts.  We’ve created this new Santa’s bounty gift basket that is filled to practically bursting with delicious treats, this metal tin has rope handles and a chalkboard center so the recipient can add their own writing to the container when used in …

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20 Nov | sparpigwin | No Comments

Little Snacker Gift Basket

Perhaps you need a gift basket for Hanukkah? Or you’re looking for one that offers Kosher items? Here you go! This little snacker gift basket is a  great basket to send to an office, so that everyone can partake in the treats, regardless of the holiday. Inside this beautiful heavy weave basket you will find …

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26 Sep | sparpigwin | No Comments

Sugar Free Gift Basket

Click Here To View Our Current Sugar Free Gift Baskets Who says sugar free can’t taste good. We’ve found the most popular candy brands who also carry sugar free treats.  This sugar free gift basket is filled with an assortment of goodies that would be appropriate for those who need to watch their sugar and carb intake.  …

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4 May | sparpigwin | No Comments

By the Sea Gift Basket

Try our new By the Sea Gift Basket.  I don’t know about you but this gift basket reminds me of a bright sunny day lounging on the beach with your feet in the sand.  Enjoying picking shells and watching boats with people catching some fish. This By the Sea gift basket just reminds me that summer is …

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23 Apr | sparpigwin | No Comments

Mother’s Day Munch Gift Basket

  Did you know there is only 17 more days until Mother’s Day?  Mother’s Day is creeping up on us quickly.  Send mom this Mother’s Day Munch gift basket. This basket is beautiful and filled with delicious treats she is going to love! We start with a re=usable tin planter embossed with colorful flowers and fill …

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4 Apr | sparpigwin | No Comments

What is it like to work at Boodles of Baskets?

Many times people are curious about what it is like to work at Boodles of Baskets.  I like to hire stay at home parents (moms mostly), who are looking to earn an income, but still wish to be available to their children and families.  This at times requires a creative work environment.  You see, I WANT school sports, …

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2 Apr | sparpigwin | No Comments

Self-Employed continued

Being self-employed, without a doubt, has many perks, and I do recommend it, with a few caveats.  When you are the boss, long hours are a must.  And if you have children, you need to be creative, be willing to burn the midnight oil,  get up extra early and find snippets of time to get your …

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