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Canada Day

13 Mar | Cherylann | No Comments

New Gift Basket Canada Designs by Boodles of Baskets

We have just added two new Canadian themed gift basket designs on the website.  Both these baskets carry some amazing Canadian product like creamy maple chocolates (can’t you just taste it!) and of course some delicious maple syrup.  Visit and choose our Canadian tab, or simply click on this link: to be taken directly to …

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31 Aug | Cherylann | No Comments

Canadian Gift Baskets Wildly Canadian

Our rustic metal tin sets the stage for our “Wildly Canadian” Canadian gift baskets. Only our most popular Canadian products were selected to create this delicious gift. To start with we added Canadian moose droppings(chocolate covered almonds), maple syrup, maple butter, a maple crunch chocolate bar, maple popcorn, 2 maple leaf  lollipops and a box …

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30 Aug | Cherylann | No Comments

Canadian Gift Baskets Canadian Cooking

All our finest gourmet maple products are included in this one basket. Perfect for the chef that like to try something different . Our “Canadian Cooking” gift basket has all the ingredients to try a new dish. The rustic metal planter holds everything beautifully. Included is an amazing maple caramel sauce, maple syrup, maple butter, …

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29 Aug | Cherylann | No Comments

Canadian Gift Baskets Canadian Adventure

This “Canadian Adventure” gift basket has everything you can think of to send a piece of Canada in a gift basket. Our rustic metal pail is filled with some delicious maple products, all made in Canada. Included are maple sugar candies, maple butter, maple balsamic vinaigrette and maple popcorn. But we didn’t stop there! We …

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28 Aug | Cherylann | No Comments

Canadian Gift Baskets Happy To Be Canadian

If you are looking for a Canadian themed gift to send to a friend or relative, look no further. We have a variety of different Canadian baskets to choose from and this one, Happy to Be Canadian, will bring a smile to all who receive it. We chose a 32 oz. mug (more like a …

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1 Jul | Cherylann | No Comments

Canadian Gift Baskets

In my city, we have a home which is completely painted red and white.  Its shutters have maple leaf cut outs and there is a large Canadian Flag proudly waving in the wind from their front yard.  Every time I pass this house, I smile.  This house speaks for many of us.  Regardless of where …

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