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23 Feb | BlueHat Marketing Inc. | No Comments

Great Ideas for Boys’ Easter Baskets

For many young boys, the Easter egg hunt is a favourite tradition. Hunting is the best part because it’s like searching for a pirate’s lost treasure, only much tastier. But it’s not every boy who likes chocolate—or even candy. And when boys grow up, their tastes change. So, what should you get them when they ...
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21 Jan | BlueHat Marketing Inc. | No Comments

Make a Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

How to Make a Gift Basket for Valentine's Day Whether you’re a new couple or have been together for years, getting your romantic partner a gift for Valentine’s Day can be quite a challenge, but not buying one can be close to fatal, in some cases. Making a Valentine’s Day gift basket shows the recipient ...
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15 Nov | BlueHat Marketing Inc. | No Comments

Gift Baskets Canadians Might Like

Gift Baskets Canadians like - Full List Canada is among the top most friendliest countries in the world. This is because Canadians love get-togethers and celebrations. So with Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, National Flag Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Boxing Day, and several other celebrations observed throughout the year that Canadians use as an excuse to present ...
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26 Jul | sparpigwin | No Comments

Help Us Celebrate 26 Years in Business!

SAVE 5%! SALE-5% off all gift items on NOW Boodles of Baskets, Boodles of Cookies, Boodles of Popcorn & Boodles of Fudge, would like to CELEBRATE our 26th Anniversary in business by offering our customers throughout the world 5% off all gift orders delivered to Canada and the USA. As always, you may place your …

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22 Apr | BlueHat Marketing Inc. | No Comments

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day

  5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day   Your mother works hard all day, every day. She might have her own job, make meals, tend to the house, and even find the time to take care of the kids. How does she do it?  Mom can not only be your mother, but ...
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22 Apr | BlueHat Marketing Inc. | No Comments

How to Throw an Unforgettable Easter Party

  How to Throw an Unforgettable Easter Party  Easter is a holiday that symbolizes the end of the cold, hard winter, the rebirth of nature, and the coming of summer with its comforting warmth. It’s also a great excuse to get together with friends and loved ones to celebrate the changing of the seasons.  Here ...
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23 Jan | BlueHat Marketing Inc. | No Comments

4 Tips to Plan the Ultimate Valentine’s Day

4 Tips to Plan the Ultimate Valentine’s Day When Valentine’s Day rolls around, people often make the mistake of thinking a grandiose, over-the-top gesture is the only way to impress their special someone. The truth is, elaborate or overly-expensive gifts can often feel overwhelming to the person receiving them, and leave them feeling embarrassed or …

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4 Dec | sparpigwin | No Comments

Comparing Apples to Apples

I had a customer today ask me why our baskets were more expensive than a competitors. Honestly, initially, I was stumped on what to say. The second thing that came to mind was the old adage “you get what you pay for”. We had provided this customer with many years of service beyond reproach, as well …

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18 Apr | sparpigwin | No Comments

How Stay at Home Mom’s Can Make a Little Extra Cash

When I started this business, 17 years ago, one of my main reasons for starting it, was so that I could be available to my 3 children, at the time, (child #4 arrived in year 2 of the business).  As an Early Childhood Educator, I wanted to be the one raising my children.  So I researched how I …

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21 Jul | sparpigwin | No Comments

Largest Internet Gift and Basket Offerings in Canada

It has come to our attention, after many comments by our customers over the years, that we are, indeed, the largest internet gift and basket  company in Canada.   Not only do we offer fabulous gift baskets,candy bouquets, cookie bouquets, flowers and balloons at our two sites Boodles of Baskets and Gift Baskets Canada , but we also offer cookies, cakes, …

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