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Canadian holiday gift towers are a good choice when sending a Christmas gift basket to Ontario, Canada.  They ship well, look beautiful  and house delicious treats…what more can you ask for.  Our three tier gift towers Warmest Wishes, Tis the Season and Pretty Poinsettias are all very popular.  We always like to carry some of these three tier design gift boxes and no matter how many we create, they always seem to sell out every year!  I can understand why. The boxes are truly beautiful!  I have had customers stack them up beside their fireplace as a Christmas accent piece.  Others have placed them on a side table and used them to hold everything from Christmas cards to potpourri.  I had one customer utilize them when throwing a holiday party.  She used the largest gift box to hold all of her guests’ car keys.  At the end of the evening they were given either their car keys or a  ride home if they had had too much to drink during the evening.  It was a great non-confrontational way to keep her friends safe.  I enjoy hearing all the creative ways our customers have used these gift boxes.  There is no plan to discontinue these beautiful gifts anytime soon, so I look forward to many more stories about them.

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